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Mold in your home?

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

The adverse effects of mold growth inside your home can be catastrophic and can cause health effects.  It can cause debilitating problems to the value of a home and remediation can be costly. With that being said, it is no wonder that one of the most dreaded four letter words you can utter in any home is mold. Detecting mold, however, is not as daunting as many may think. It can sometimes be as easy as looking at you’re A/C vents, smelling the air when you return from the grocery store, or even spotting discoloration underneath cabinets or on walls.

SERVPRO of Fresno Northwest specializes in:  water remediation, flood mitigation, carpet cleaning,  mold removal, fire damage, and smoke clean up, disaster restoration,  and air duct cleaning. SERVPRO of Fresno Northwest

What is a Biohazard?

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Biohazard -- You’ve heard the term, you’ve seen the symbol, but do you know what actually constitutes a biohazard? Do you have an understanding of what materials and substances are considered to be biohazards and what measures you can take to prevent the spread of infection? A biological hazard (biohazard) is any organism that constitutes a hazard to other living things, especially humans.

Potential biohazards are commonly found in hospitals and health care settings in the form of blood, body fluids, used syringes, glass culture slides, and other medical waste. These substances, among others, can carry bloodborne pathogens and spread disease from person to person.

It is important to mention that biohazards are not only found in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and medical research labs. The blood that is found at the site of a violent crime or accident, the body fluid that is left after an unattended death -- these are all biohazards that should be handled with the same care and attention as those found in a lab or hospital.

Do you have mold in your home?

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Microscopic mold spores naturally occur almost everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. This makes it impossible to remove all mold from a home or business. Therefore, mold remediation reduces the mold spore count back to its natural or baseline level. Some restoration businesses advertise “mold removal” and even guarantee to remove all mold, which is a fallacy. Consider the following mold facts:

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Even higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

If your home or business has a mold problem, we can inspect and assess your property and use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation.

Fire Restoration for You

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Having a fire event on your property can produce some pretty destructive and violent results. Regardless of how large or small the damage is, you never hear a property owner say that they are glad it happened to them.
What you need is a team that can respond quickly to your request and start taking care of the fire damage to your Fresno property immediately. Our technicians arrive on site quickly and give you the benefit of having a company with certified technicians working for you.
Due to the extensive damage received throughout the duration of a fire, professional restoration services is your best choice. Here at SERVPRO Fresno Northwest we make sure to return your home to a quality pre-damage condition in the quickest most efficient way possible.
Heat alone does a significant amount of damage to your structure; it can warp your flooring and cause extensive damage. The contents of your home may be affected in various ways as well, requiring specialized item restoration services only available at SERVPRO.
Smoke can reach into cracks and crevices throughout your home, leaving soot residues behind, staining surfaces and causing odors to damage a variety of materials within your home. We use different deodorization and cleaning methods specifically designed to return things back to normal quickly.
SERVPRO gives you access to technicians with the experience and training required to present you with the quality services you need to make your fire damage disappear like it never even happened. 
We help you manage your insurance paperwork and communicate with your insurance company. Taking care of you and your family along the way to ensure a smooth restoration process.
SERVPRO technicians can answer any questions you have about our services and only present you with those that you need. We have certified technicians to handle every aspect of your restoration.
Give us the opportunity to provide you with a unique solution to your problem by calling SERVPRO of Fresno Northwest today. (559) 261-9765

Flooding Stafety

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

There is always potential for flood damage no matter where you live. According to the American Red Cross, floods cause more damage in the United States every year than any other weather related disaster. The American Red Cross offers these flood safety tips:

-Stay away from floodwaters. If you come up on a flowing stream where water is above your ankles, stop, turn around and go another way. Six inches of swiftly moving water can sweep you off of your feet.

-If you approach a flooded road while driving, turn around and go another way. If you are caught on a flooded road and waters are riding rapidly around you, get out of the car quickly and move to higher ground. Most cars can be swept away by less than two feet of moving water.

-Keep children out of the water. They are curious and often lack judgment about running water or contaminated water. 

If a flood occurs and affects you, call SERVPRO of Fresno Northwest at (559) 261-9765.  Even minor floods have potential to cause major damage. Let us help you get your life back on top.

How to Beat Fresno Heat

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

The Fresno heat can be unbearable during the summertime.  Here are some helpful tips and advice from SERVPRO to help stay cool during those hot days!

1. Plan time inside:

-Go to lunch with a friend in a cooled restaurant

-Walk through the mall

-Check out the Fresno Art Museum

-See a movie!

2. Stay covered:

-Find a place to relax under a tree

-Use an umbrella when walking outdoors

-Use fans

3. Hydrate properly:

-Drink water every 15 minutes

-6-12oz at a time to total at least a gallon of water a day

4. Stay near water:

-If a pool is not accessible at your home, find a local public pool

-Take a short drive to Millerton Lake

5. Recognizing signs of heat illness:

-Profuse/excess sweating

-Confusion or mumbling

-Chills or feeling cold


*Never take signs lightly, illnesses can increase drastically and become life threatening. Seek medical attention immediately.

We Care!

5/21/2018 (Permalink)

Yes we are a part of a major corporation, however we here at SERVPRO of Fresno Northwest feel it's important to not forget where we've come from and that in order to be successful we need to remember it's all about you our client and the personal touch. Why do people often go back to the same small business or refer their friends and family to it? It's simple the quality of service that you receive and the time they take to make sure YOU the client are taken care of and that they don't just meet but exceed your expectations and needs! We here at SERVPRO of Fresno Northwest go that extra mile as it is our goal to not just meet but exceed your expectations in every way possible. From making sure your questions and concerns are addressed from the first time we arrive on site to making sure your home or business is put back together in every way that matters to you. No matter how big or small the job, SERVPRO of Fresno Northwest is here to help every step of the way! Whether assisting you with your home, or your large commercial building SERVPRO of Fresno Northwest is here with a level of care and customer service you normally find in a small business.

We like to say Small business attitude and personal touch at a corporate level. Give us a call at 559-261-9765 today to see the difference

How does an ozone kill the smell?

5/21/2018 (Permalink)

Ozone reacts with odor molecules by transferring the “extra” oxygen atom of the ozone molecule to the odor molecule, changing its composition so it no longer has the same chemical makeup. This chemical reaction is called oxidation. In a nut shell, through the oxidation process, what was formerly an odor-causing molecule is now an entirely different compound, and therefore does not possess the odor of its preceding form. To compare the difference between odor treatment using deodorizers and ozone, Pretend we have two foul smelling odor molecules, think of them as two bad guys. Let’s treat the first bad guy with a spray on deodorizer. This can be represented by locking him in a jail cell so he can’t affect anybody or anything. He is harmless, but he is still a bad guy. Once he is released, he can be a bad guy again…or in our case a stinky odor molecule.

Now let’s take the second bad guy and treat him with ozone. During the oxidation process, his very molecular structure is altered; he is no longer the same thing. This can be represented by waiving a magic wand and “poof-he’s a rabbit”! Since the bad guy has been turned into something completely different/harmless, he can no longer be a bad guy-he is now a permanent rabbit, or in our case, a molecule without an unpleasant odor.

Do you have an odor molecule? Don’t despair, call SERVPRO of Fresno Northwest 559-261-9765. 

We'll get the water out

5/18/2018 (Permalink)

Accidents happen, and regardless of the cause, it is how we respond to them that matters. Commercial water damage is no different, and your response can impact the result your business experiences, no matter what type of commerce you are involved in. SERVPRO of Fresno Northwest is experienced in helping business owners and managers bring their businesses back from disaster, no matter how large or small the business. 
In Fresno businesses affected by commercial water damage can benefit from professional services in cleaning up, and the first step in getting everything back to normal. Professional services should be used instead of doing things yourself. Safety, thoroughness, and knowing which steps to take and when inherent benefits are that SERVPRO offers. We do what we do so you can get back to your business operations fast. 
Inventory that has been damaged needs to be documented so you can be reimbursed by your insurance company. We can assist with this so that the process is smoother for you. However, our goal is to restore as much of your inventory as possible. In addition to reducing the losses you need to claim, it also reduces your wait time in purchasing and receiving replacement goods. This is especially important when seasonal or promotional items are involved. Not having the merchandise your customers want means they can go elsewhere, resulting in lost sales and plummeting profits. 

If your business experiences a water loss; you can count on the professionals at SERVPRO of Fresno Northwest to help.

When it rains it pours!

5/18/2018 (Permalink)

We've recently received a job in Oakhurst and it was a hot water heater leaking throughout an elderly woman's house.  This woman had just suffered from a stroke so she had been away from from her home.  She returned to find out her hot water heater had been leaking and the whole house was affected.  We are in process of packing her out to get everything dry and her house livable again, but she is supposed to be going out of town in 3 days for a week.  SERVPRO strives to make sure everything can get done in a timely manner and make sure the customer has as little stress as possible.  We are there to make sure you are taken care of and make it look "Like it never even happened."